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How random is r/random?

Finally, some data science!

What prompted this? When I’m bored, I sometimes visit r/random. I usually click through a few subreddits before I remember that I have actual things to do. During my clicking, I’ve noticed that I get sort of a lot of repeats. More repeats than I would expect. I mean, there are 3 million subreddits—I can’t keep getting the same few results every time I ask for a random one. How was the data collected? [Read More]

Brave Rewards

This site is set up to accept BAT tips from the Brave browser. Even though the site is verified, the widget will still sometimes say “Not yet verified” on mobile.

Nonogram Solver

A quick excuse to use some recursion

For a few years now, I’ve been playing a mobile game called Nonogram.com. It’s on the Play store and the App store, and probably other places as well. It’s a pretty simple game so I thought it might be fun to make something that can solve it. I’m used to working on vague, fuzzy problems so it was a bit of a shock to me when the first thing I tried actually worked. [Read More]